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Premium Photo Album Cover Samples


These premium photo album covers have been titled Italia. The covers from this collection are made from exclusive Italian leather. Each of the different styles are named in honor of the famous cities of Italy.

Roma - Feature: The flap is made of dense embossed leather and the strap gives the cover an antique feel.  Real leather, hardcover.

Venezia - Feature: Double layered top cover. Hardcover with an additional soft plate.

Milano - Feature: colour photo insert on the cover. Real leather with an embossed pattern, soft binding.

Verona - Feature: cover with aluminum photo insert and personal embossing. Real leather, hardcover.

Napoli - Feature: two types of leather with double stitching. Real leather, soft cover.

Firenze - Feature: the cover is embossed in the form of a heraldic lily "fleur de lys". Real leather, hardcover.

Collection - Italia

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