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Photo Albums

Photo albums have a lot of positive features:

  • High quality chemical photo printing produces images with a high definition and retain a presentable appearance for several decades

  • Thick photo paper: photos will not wrinkle and will not lose brightness

  • Wide range of covers

  • Perfect lay flat spreads without a break between pages

  • Sturdy

Photo albums are printed on original Fujifilm photo paper: Lustre and Silk. Silk has a more textured surface than Lustre.

We offer Classic and Premium Photo Albums.


Classic Photo Album

Classic Photo album covers made from bonded leather, leatherette, velvet and cotton.


  • One size 30x23 cm

  • 3 different collections - Scandinavia, Crystal, Royal

  • 4 different cover fabrics – bonded leather, leatherette, velvet and cotton

  • Up to 40 cover colors

  • From 20 to 50 pages


Photo album price depends on cover style, number of pages and with/without storage box.

Classic Photo Album samples see HERE

Premium Photo Album


Premium Photo Album covers and matching box made from real leather.



  • 4 sizes – 23x23cm, 30x23 cm, 30x30cm, 40x30 cm

  • 7 different cover styles

  • 2 types of leather – smooth and embossed

  • 5 colors – beige, brown, green, white and black

  • Matching real leather storage box

  • From 30 to 100 pages

Photo album price depends on size, cover style, number of pages and with/without storage box.

Premium Photo Album samples see HERE

Useful Information

How many photos fit in the photo album? We recommend from 1 to 3 photos per page. Just use a simple formula: number of pages multiplied by the number of photos per page, example 30 pages x 2 photos per page = 60 photos per photo album. You can choose more photos per page, but the photo album will look a bit crowded. When you have chosen must-have images for your photo album, we make the design of the layouts and send you a digital version for review and approval before we go to print. You will receive your photo album within 5-7 weeks.

We only design photo albums with high resolution ( 300dpi ) JPEG images. We strictly do not use photos taken with phones and tablets.

All photo albums are handcrafted and made in Europe.

How To Order

If you would like to order a photo album, please email us at

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