Photo Books


A photo book is a great and budget friendly choice for all occasions.

We offer one size 30x30 cm (or 12x12 inches).

The number of pages in the photo books ranges from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 70. Spreads of photo books are printed using a digital photo printing technique. The photo book pages are fully laminated and resistant to moisture and dirt. Available in a matte or glossy finish. Can be opened up to 180°.

There are two types of covers - printed (customized) front and back cover, or printed front cover with a linen back cover. Available in 10 colors of linen. You can use ready-made cover designs or we can make a cover design according to your desire and taste.

Can include a storage box with a magnet.

Photo Book Price List

Price depends on number of pages and with/without storage box.

Photo Book

PHOTO BOOK  Size 30 x 30 cm ( 12 x 12 inches)

Add a storage box for an additional €30

30 Pages


40 Pages


50 Pages


60 Pages


70 Pages


Useful Information

How many photos fit in the photo book? We recommend from 1 to 4 photos per page. Just use a simple formula: number of pages multiplied by the number of photos per page, example 30 pages x 2 photos per page = 60 photos per photo book. You can choose more photos per page, but the photo book will look a bit crowded. When you have chosen must-have images for your photo book, we make the design of the layouts and send you a digital version for review and approval before we go to print. Within 3-5 weeks you will receive your photo book.

We only design photo books with high resolution ( 300dpi ) JPEG images. We strictly do not use photos taken with phones and tablets.

All photo books are handcrafted and made in Europe.

How To Order

If you would like to order a photo book, please email us at