All photo albums are the same. Just like all dreams are the same. They mean the world to the person who owns them and they're boring as dirt to everybody else.
 Gregory Hill, East of Denver

Looking at old photographs brings back past moments, emotions and feelings.

We design professional photo books which will remain in memory not only for you but also for your children and grandchildren.

We offer only one size 30x23 cm (or 12x9 inches) - it is an ergonomic size in landscape orientation. Easy to view and easy to store.

The number of pages in the photo book ranges from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 50, if the photo book has 20 - 30 pages then the sheets are thick (~1,3 mm), if there are 32 - 50 pages then the sheets are thin (~0,5 mm). Spreads of photo books are printed using classic photo printing techniques on original Fujifilm photo paper: Lustre and Silk. Silk has a more textured surface than Lustre.

There are three completely different types of covers - textured bonded leather with a photo on acrylic glass, acrylic glass and leatherette and classic minimalism with a black & white photo or text on an aluminum plate. Covers are available in a selection of beautiful bonded leather, velvet and cotton covers in a range of colours.

When you have chosen must-have images for your photo book, we make the design of the layouts and send you a digital version for review before we go to print. Within 3-5 weeks you will receive your beautiful photo book.